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If you are facing a divorce, it is likely that you are experiencing a wide array of emotions. No one ever gets married thinking that they will someday get a divorce. However, in many relationships we discover that we are not meant to spend a lifetime with our spouse, and this is okay.

I Am an Oconomowoc Child Support Attorney With Real Life Experience

I am Colleen Locke of Locke Law Office, and I can speak to the positive sides of a divorce from just more than 20 years of experience as a Jefferson County divorce law attorney. In fact, I also know divorce from firsthand experience. My former spouse and I have three sons with whom we split time evenly. Our relationship both with our sons and with each other is healthy and strong. It was not always this easy, but if your intentions center on the success and happiness of yourself and your children, you can find the best possible foundation for a bright future. Many of my clients come to me ready to move through their divorce, child custody and support, visitation, alimony, placement, relocation, modifications and enforcement issues in an amicable way. Many lawyers want clients who want to fight. I, however, want clients who are ready to get the divorce process underway so they can each focus on their futures. In my Wisconsin divorce cases, we follow the fairly simple steps of filing and serving a divorce, submitting to a temporary orders hearing, if needed. If both parties are willing to go through the process by splitting things down the middle, we can get the divorce resolved in around four months.

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