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Buying or selling a home or a commercial property can be an exciting and complex time for an individual or business. In order to ensure that both parties on either end of a sale, purchase or leasing agreement are getting what they need to move forward in the transaction, it is imperative that you consult an experienced real estate attorney. This Wisconsin lawyer should be able to communicate with you in clear language, reducing any complications or unnecessary lags in the process.

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I am Jefferson County Real Estate Lawyer Colleen Locke. At Locke Law Office, I work with individuals who have found a buyer or a seller and they want to settle their real estate transactions without a realtor. I also work with my commercial clients as they navigate their buying and selling agreements and lease negotiations. While I take a light approach to navigating my practice areas, I can be aggressive when needed, especially when negotiating commercial leases. After 20 years of experience working with clients in real estate, I am able to help individuals and business who are working through their purchase or sale, whether it's their first or their fifth.

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To learn more about how I can help you navigate the complexities of residential or commercial sales and purchases, contact me or call 920-541-7093.