Family Law

Never easy.

Family law sounds all pretty and happy, but in reality, family law is the break-up of families and creation of new family units. It’s kind of sad, but it’s reality. When couples don’t get along any more, they have to divide their property, debt and time with their children in an orderly way. Hence, the divorce system was organized.

I can’t say it’s a perfect system, but it’s what we all have to work with. If you are a person who is facing a divorce, you NEED to contact a divorce attorney to make sure your interests are protected.


I was unlucky enough to go through a divorce with my children’s father while they were young. We shared time with the children 50/50, all the way through the youngest’s high school graduation.  Frankly, I wanted to continue the placement schedule indefinitely when they were home from college, but they wouldn’t hear of it. Sharing placement of your children means you have to continue working with your former spouse. Whether you like it or not, you have to speak with the other parent often–maybe daily–to make sure your children’s needs are met. It may not be what YOU want, but it’s what your children NEED.

Apart from your children, most people have assets like houses, cars and 401K plans to divide. And, most people have debts to go along with each of these assets. It can be tricky to get all these assets–and debts–divided. This is where you need a divorce attorney to help you get a reasonable settlement.

   The backdrop of going through a divorce is the emotional aspect of it all. The person you thought was going to be with you forever just ISN’T. It’s heartbreaking. But, somehow you have to put your grief aside and work through the financial issues.

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