My name is Colleen Locke,


I’m a Jefferson County attorney at law.

While many lawyers are all about making a buck off the world’s problems, I am anything but. With more than 20 years of experience, I serve the communities within and surrounding Jefferson Wisconsin.

Throughout my work as a divorce lawyer I have found that taking an overly aggressive approach in divorce, bankruptcy, estate planning, and real estate does not form a base from which happy futures can grow.

The truth is, lawyers make more money when they argue, and I would rather take a pay cut than put you and your family through any more stress than is absolutely necessary.

In all of the areas of law which I work, I believe it is important to have a passion for people. I enjoy helping people solve their legal problems so that they can move on with their lives. In such intense and serious areas of law, it is important to be able to look at the lighter side of life while focusing on moving past the problem at hand.

A happily divorced divorce Lawyer

My clients who are facing divorce can call me and rest assured that I know precisely what they are going through. My ex-husband and I have three beautiful boys with whom we split time, right down the middle. We have a wonderful relationship with our boys and with each other. It is not always easy, but it does not always have to be hard.

A happy, safe and promising future awaits everyone. If you are working through a legal issue that is standing in the way of this, call me for more information.

(920) 674 - 5600